Understanding the Seven Dollar Script

The seven Dollar script allows you to set up an offer and a one time offer

There are many combination of how the script can be set up

Here I am going to talk about a typical setup and it is the way I am using the script

The script work by allocating 2 PayPal adress with each unique url linkSA

The site owners and your PayPal account if you are promoting the site

The person promoting the offer(not the site owner) adds his PayPal address into the url for the offer

and the script sends 100% of the payments for the primary offer("Video Success with Film Secrets") to person whose  PayPal address is added to  the url (See Below how to create your unique url)

You send someone to the offer using your link (Your  Unique-url.)

It is a good idea to claok the link using a redirect script and for every purchase through that link you will receive Instant Payment for sending a purchaser to the promotion(check out the video for instructions)

If a one time offer is being used then it would typical to have a 50/50 split

The script does this by allocating one sale to one of the PayPal accounts and then the next sale goes to the other PayPal account.

 Any percentage can be used and the script will allocate the amount of sales to the correct account

It does not split the money on each sale but allocates the  number of sales to each PayPal adress to arrive at the chosen percentage as set up by the site owner.

The  seven Dollar scrip is a little involved to set up but it does some real handy things

Instant payouts

Protects downloads

Expires downloads

Protects unauthorised visitors to downloads

Connects to an auto responder for emailing download links

Can be used for list building

It is Viral: It is so easy to grab the link add your PayPal address  Cloak it and direct people through that link and have any payment sent to your PayPal account directly

 And much more 

Here Is A video demonstrating how to create Your Unique-url

below is an example of what you will see after you purchase "Video Success with Film Secrets"  As Demonstrated in the video

 To Get Your Unique - url

add your PayPal address  to this url


example: if your PayPal address is: example@example.com

then the link would look like this



Type in your PayPal-address below:

When You Click off after entering you PayPal Address

Your Unique-url Will Appear Here:
in some Browser's you will have to give permission for the script to run
(Look Just above this Page)

You can use your Unique url as it is or you can cloak it by using this url shortening script

Click Here To shorten and Cloak your Unique- url